Carnage EP

by Blue Holocaust

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First Blue Holocaust recording as a full band!
Laurent: Drums, David: Bass & Pierre: Guitars & Vocals


released September 3, 2016



Track Name: Twitch of the Death Nerve
Chain reaction - bodies piling up
A bay of blood - where carnage abound
Human remains - afloat in the lake
Insane bloodbath - Slashing fever

Twitch of the death nerve - hatchet cleaving
Voluptuous naked girls - fleeing in terror
Neck torn wide open - squirting arterial spray
Grotesque slaughter - slicing and dicing

Machete swinging - struck in the face
Stabbed in the head - split in half
Horny teenagers - caught in the act
Impaled on a spear - orgasm of death

(Solo: The Ecology of Mass Murder)

Massacre mania - the stench of flesh
Death by strangulation - crushed and choked
Radical Axe beheading - stump pulsating blood
Macabre masquerade - never ending savagery
Track Name: Dancesteps on the Edge of a Razor
Repetitious blood crimes
Maniac at large
Flesh-blistering devil blade
Black-gloved hands of death

Bestial jugular slicing, ruptured veins
Oozing neck trauma, severed tendons

Blood-thirsty tormentor
Young girls cry out in terror

Screaming victims, wither and die
Savage smashing, blood spills freely

(Solo: Death carries a cane)

Blood-curdling horror
Dancesteps on the edge of a razor
Track Name: Deep Red
Sense the evil, feel the blade
Smell the blood and seal your fate
Screaming child, running from the past
Murderous rage, bloodlust resurfaces...

A butcher's cleaver sinking into her flesh
Hacked to death in a swing of the hatchet
Body propelled through a broken window
Shards of glass embedded into her neck

Morbid tableaux
A Reflection in the mirror
She lost her head
A deep red pool of blood

Hanged dolls dangling, a lullaby to your demise
Dunked into steaming hot bath water
Blistering epidermis, disfiguring burns
Painful drowning, scalding the lungs...

Laughing mannequin, creeping in the shadows
Face bashed in every edge and sharp corner
Shattered teeth, cracked lip and blood spittle
A sharp knife plunged in the back of the neck
Track Name: Murder to the Tune of Seven Black Notes
Haunted by disturbing visions
Suicide, death and mutilations

Seven notes in black
Terror almost palpable

Psychic musings, morbid suspicions
Claustrophobic fears, a precognition...

Seven notes in black
Death draws near

Entombed alive
Your nightmares coming to life

Left to die
Trapped between cemented bricks
Buried within these walls
No one can hear you scream!

All alone, feel the end
Nervous breakdown, insanity -

Starving, slowly dying
Your final gasp, asphyxiating

Grotesque carcass putrefying
Devoured and gnawed on by rats and vermin...
Track Name: A Butterfly with Blood-Spattered Wings
Late night, heavy rainstorm
Leather gloved slayer skulking
Chasing you down into the park
Through the woods he comes...

Switchblade aggression, savage gashing
Ripping and tearing the smooth silky skin
Mortal fleshly wounds splurging blood
Butterfly pendant doused in red

The chain of murders continues
Keep scathing women, hack them to death
Demented passion, blind need to avenge
Spilling the blood of the innocents...

Reluctant plight the same barbarous method
Severed and torn, throbbing veins hemorrhaging
Atrocious deaths, the price of my revenge
A tragic fate, to take him with my own hands
Track Name: Acid Vat
dismantled, decapitated
swinging the meatcleaver
hacked up into bloody pieces
thrown in a tub filled with acid

chopped flesh dissolved
in caustic liquor
purulent fats dribble out
inhale the dead aroma

marinating innards gush
a putrid miasma
glutinous tissues evaporating
into a poisonous whiff

lopped off mangled head
floating up to the top
in bubbling sludge
a turgid eyeball dangling out